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:   ragav

:   lachu


:   17-September-01

After we register in joy matrimonial i got a good lovable husband....... many thanks to joy matrimony...

:   Anderson

:   Priyadharshini


:   10.06.2015

We tried traditional way of matching services for my sister and she got married after 4 years. But for me i have tried joy matrimony and got receiving calls within a week. It was really amazing to receive matches without going to the grooms place and watching them in real time with all the conventional stuffs. Its waste of time and effort. Joy matrimony really helped my life lot easier ....ha ha ha.................. but its fact the joy matrmony worked out for me......

:   Rakesh

:   Janagi


:   2014-June-03

Hi all this is Rathore from kilpauk, chennai I was introduced to this by one of my friend. Initially i was skeptical about the outcomes so i just registered as a guest and found too many matches within a week. So i decided to have it done as priveliged regitrant to my shock i got matches and found that i have wasted so much time as guest. Thank you matrimony for your instant replies and customer support.

:   Manak

:   Ganga


:   2011-May-18

With instant research and instant results for registering, it is really a hassle free way of finding matches. I love joy matrmony for giving me a lovable hubby.........cho chweet joy matrmony...

:   kumar

:   Rajeswari


:   2009-June-09

After i registered to the joy matrimony i received with many request, prior to that i never believed that this online stuff will work for me. Thank you Joy matrimony for your instant results with huge bank of registration. I never seen this joy matrmony in any TV commercials but they are really famous among the real people who needs genuine matches.

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